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Recording Studios in Kansas City Unlike any Other.  AweStruck Studios is a Full service, professional Recording Studio and Mastering facility serving Kansas City, Missouri, Kansas and the surrounding area. We provide cutting edge Recording, Mixing and Mastering with the latest techniques and the finest Gear!  Our producers have 30+ Years of combined experience working with the biggest names in music and film.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a recording studio.  There are a ton of them out there.  But we would like for you to take a moment and think about how important your project is to you.  What do you need to feel comfortable and create something much more powerful than all the other stuff floating around the local soundscape?  What would push you to do the very best work you’ve done?  What do you need from your producer?  What kind of facility do you want to be in?  What type of professionalism and Quality Control do you want watching over you precious work of Art?  These types of Questions we have answers for.  The right answers.  We treat all of our Clients Projects with a level of Quality and Professionalism that is rare in music in the Midwest and Abroad for that matter. Our Producers have far more experience than the average “producers” you will find in the Midwest.  Both producers at AweStruck Studios have worked with many Multi Platinum Artist, and have songs currently spinning on the Radio Across the globe.  You wouldn’t trust your health to a part time doctor doing medicine as a hobby.  So don’t be so quick to trust your Art to anyone less than a Full Time Professional. It really does translate to a better project.  Not Just a Better sounding project, but even one that costs less time and money! 

Please take a moment to review our samples and see how our work sounds.

In a world where everyone is putting their music out there.... It’s time you gave your project the very Best, so it can Rise Above the rest!

World Class Mastering and Recording Studios in Kansas City!

Your Music Is Worth It!